How I use Essential Oils for Bee Stings

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My First Blog Post!!!

I'm going to open with a story! This is the story of how I got my husband to stop calling my essential oils, "your hippy stuff" or "the smelly stuff". It took a single incident to change his attitude into, "Okay Babe. Put the stinky stuff on."

It all started on a warm, sunny day last summer when I finally got my husband to agree to mow the lawn. He worked nights and really long hours at the time, so most days it was just sleep and work for him. Lawn mowing wasn't a top priority.

My dad had come over to hang out for the day and he and I were inside. My husband was in the backyard mowing the lawn. I was talking to my dad when I heard the mower stop and my husband start yelling frantically at the dogs to get inside. I turned to see him running full speed across the lawn (he does not run), jumping over the BBQ and dashing toward the house. He barged in and quickly shut the back door behind him. Out of breath and panting, he said, "Don't go out there."

You see, he had accidentally run over a beehive with the mower and got stung on his ankle in the process. His mild allergy to bees made his ankle swell. After the initial shock of the swarming bees coming after him had worn off, we needed to take care of the bee sting.

The conservation when something like this...
Me: "What would you like me to do?"
Him: (laying on the couch with his legs over the arm) "I don't know."
Me: "Well, I can give you Benadryl and put my stinky stuff on your ankle."
Him: "Whatever."

I dabbed a couple of drops of lavender on his ankle, then put an ice pack over it. The lavender and ice worked really well to reduce the swelling. Plus, (because my husband is a man) he doesn't want to ice forever, so the lavender helped keep the swelling down while he slept for the day. It took a couple of days for the sting to completely heal, so we kept up with the lavender and it healed fine.

Moral of the story? My hippie stuff works man!!

NOTE: I don't recommend using undiluted oils, or neat oils like I did with my husband. The essential oils are extremely concentrated so it can irritate your skin and have the opposite affect. I personally cannot use undiluted oils. My skin reacts to oils if I use them undiluted. Before using any new skin care techniques, I recommend testing a small spot to see how it reacts, even with oils.

Other oils that work on bee stings:
German Chamomile
I actually really love the smell of Vetiver!! If you want to make your own blend for bee stings you can try the blend below.

1 Oz Glass Jar
Aloe Vera
Lavender 5 drops
German Chamomile 5 drops
Vetiver 5 drops

Fill the jar full of Aloe Vera, drop your essential oils in the jar and mix it together. All the oils work really well for bee stings so if there is an oil you like the smell of more or less, feel free to adjust the number of drops for each. Just keep the total around 15 drops.

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