Does Essential Oils Really Eliminate Fart Smell Or Just Add to It?

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Have you ever heard the saying "air fresheners are pointless because now your just adding to whatever smells bad." So I had to test this out with essential oils. Weird right!!! I have been working with essential oils for like 8 years and never thought about testing this theory out?

My Test Subjects.

Hansome Husband A, Cutest can be Son B

Test Subject A and B have not gave me conclusive farts, surprisingly!

Unexpected test subjects C and D

Cosmo (left) - a 15 year old Fox Terrier Chihuahua Mix who likes to clean up after the little's when they drop food on the floor.
Qualifying Incident - stole my pizza pockets from my plate that I left on the coffee table when a dude came to my door to campaign for the next elections. Darn politician!

Bear Bear (right) - a 10 year old Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix who loves people food so much that he makes rounds several times a day to make sure there is no food on the floor.
Qualifying Incident - I have no idea he is waaaaay sneakier then Cosmo.

Both subjects have had ample data testing events this week! With 80% of the data recorded in the middle of the night, awaking tester to the awful data.

My findings?

Methods of ramifications of data.
Ceiling Fan - Just pushed the smell back to me.
Hiding under the covers - dog fart has a way of creeping through the covers
Other air freshers - now I'm smelling dog fart and terrible air freshener
Sleeping on the couch - this worked really well for avoiding the smell, but not as comfy as my bed.

Essential Oils Spray - IT TOTALLY WORKED!! The spray eliminated the smell and replaced it with the essential oil blend smell, and like right away too!!! I was super jazzed!!

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