Essential Oil Starter Kit On a Budget

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Like most people, how I discovered essential oils was from someone saying here this oil will help you. It was my first winter working as a massage therapist and I had come down with a cold. Being a massage therapist I always give my clients the heads up that I have a cold and get them the option of canceling or not. This day was a day that everyone came in. My co-worker who is a massage therapist, saw that I was miserable and suggested that I put some Eucalyptus under my nose or on my chest to help clear up some misery. I was miserable and was willing to try anything, it helped me get through the rest of my day. I thought this stuff was spectacular, it didn't take my cold away but it did helped. So I got some Eucalyptus for the next time, and I started to research oils. It was mostly for colds at first but then I found out I could do more.

So If you don't already have an oil collection and your just starting out here are 3 oils you can get for under $25.00 to start with.

Lavender - So far, that I personally know, lavender is one of the most diverse oils out there. It has so many properties you can use it for almost anything.

Eucalyptus - This oil is really good for any respiratory issues. This oils is best when diffused or put into a rub for cold and flue.

Tea Tree - This oil is the killer of all killers. This oil is anti-infectious, antiseptic, antiviral, bactericidal, fungicidal, parasiticide.

The oils listed above is a good place to start and build your oil collection from there.

Now what can you do with these oils? Lots of things.....

Diffuse Lavender and Eucalyptus to help you sleep, or Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, or all 3. Make a rub using coconut oil as a carrier to rub on your chest. All 3 oils work very well on colds and flues. 

Lavender is your friend here. If diffused it can calm you. Make a rub with coconut oil and rub directly on the painful area. I use diluted lavender on most of my kids owies, they love it. Sometimes they fake owies to get the oil. Learn how to blend Here

I few things you can do here. When my kids are sick, I don't want to strip down there bedding every day and wash it. So I make an oil spray, lavender and tea tree would work great here. Spray the bedding and wait till they are well to wash it.
Counter tops, there are better oils I think to use on counter tops like Lemon, but if we are on a tight budget Tea Tree with do just fine. Make a spray and clean your counter till you can build your oil collection.

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