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Its Friday! Whoot Whoot! Who is glad the week is done? This girl!
One of my favorite things to do to terrorize my husband is to run the diffusers, yep there is an s at the end of that word. I have one in just about every room. It fills me with joy to open my box full of oils, and pull them out one by one, then here to oh so loud sigh. But aside from that I really do enjoy mixing oils and seeing what I can come up with. Some times it gos really well, and I find a blend that I really love. Sometimes not so much. The biggest regret is that I don't write them down, so now going to make a weekly post about it. Every Friday I will post what I have diffused for the week.
This weeks diffuser List is!

Sunday Night
Roman Chamomile
Ylang Ylang, Hydrodistilled
I actually really loved this one. Sometimes Ylang Ylang can be over powering to me. But the other two mix with it gave it a nice round sent.

Monday Night

Tuesday Morning
Black Pepper
Husband Comment: "I got to go where there is not stinky stuff"

Wednesday Night                                         

Thyme, Linalool

Post your diffuser blends below!

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