What's In My Diffuser This Week! 3

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Happy Friday! We are prepping my bathroom for painting today! It's going to be a fun day! But I'll be soo happy when its done!!


Ylang Ylang
All 3 of these are good for stress and smell really good together. We were starting a project to reconstruct my daughters closet, so I felt the need for calming. Construction project go along at my house like putting together Ikea furniture.


Cinnamon Bark
Black Pepper
So I'm new to blogging, that is no secret, and I hope you are enjoying my post because I really am enjoying writing them. BUT sometimes doing this is soooo hard to figure out. So I found 3 mind stimulating oils put them in the diffuser, and was set to figure some stuff out!

Sunday Night

I wasn't going to diffuse an oil, because we had such a busy day and weren't home most of the day. When I went to bed I just couldn't shut my brain off, so then came frankincense.

Monday Night

Cinnamon Bark
Black Pepper
This was left over from Saturday, I am working on the blog now so I thought I would keep it. Wouldn't want to waist oils would I? Thems fightin words.
Husband comment: Oh when is this cinnamon stuff going to end?


Ylang Ylang
My daughter picked these ones out. She probably picked them out because of the color of the oil label, but it did blend really well.

Wednesday Night

Vetiver -  this oil is supper thick and takes forever to get out.
I'm supper digging this guy tonight!
Husband Comment: Wow that actually smells good!
Me:Internal fist pump



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