Hiking Adventures! Des Moines Creek Trail

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Des Moines Creek Trail is a 4 mile round trip, paved path. We chose a much easier hike today for a few reasons. We wanted to explore and map out the trails around our area that are open during the winter. We like to test out trails before bringing the kids to them. Plus, we totally decided to geek out today and go Pokemon hunting and rumor has it, this is the place to be!!!!

This is a really pretty trail. You walk alongside the creek almost the entire time. Everything is still pretty lush and green, but this trail will still be beautiful and vibrant when the colors start to turn for fall. It is a wonderful place for taking pictures! The only down side is that planes fly overhead frequently on takeoff and landing. I didn't mind it much, but if you want the quiet and solitude of nature, this is probably not the place for you.
This trail also begins at Des Moines Beach Park and Marina. You can experience all the peace and serenity that one would expect on a beach, with the exception of an occasional plane flying over. Honestly, it wasn't bad at all, plus this is where all the Pokemon hunting took place! We did get a few Pokemon on the trail, but the Marina is where the party is at! All in all, this was a beautiful walk. It will be great in the winter. We plan on going again, rain or shine.

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