What To Do When Your Husband Has the Man Cold

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OMG ladies and gents, a very tragic episode has just hit my house. THE MAN COLD! Don't let your husbands get infected with the dreaded MAN COLD. Hide your husbands away, don't even let them work, and for goodness sake, DON'T LET THEM AROUND YOUR KIDS!!!!

If that man cold has found its way into your husband’s body, PREPARE FOR DOOM!!!! Your homes will echo with the sounds of whining, crying, sniffling, aching, and yelling. All this, just in an effort to reach the remote control that is only inches away from his hand. My advice? Lock him in a dark room and pray for his soul.

THE MAN COLD is allegedly much worse than the woman cold. Just ask him. According to him, it definitely consists of several types of viruses and bacteria (maybe both at the same time) that eat away at his sinuses and throat. Women could never understand what goes on during THE MAN COLD (even though we had the same cold last week) this is soooo much worse. How can the poor, ailing husband be expected to move a muscle without assistance? I crack myself up.

So yes, my husband has a man cold this week! Yay for me!!! But ya know what shocked me, I mean, dropped my jaw to the floor? I thought I knew this guy, but he actually asked me to use my "smelly stuff in this thing" (translation... put some oils in the diffuser). I about fell on the floor!! He is currently sitting next to a diffuser and inhaling on purpose. I would take a picture, but he doesn't think the celebrity life is for him.

So what am I using? I’ll tell ya!
Eucalyptus citradora
Tea Tree
Eucalyptus globulus Crude

You can put this mixture in a steaming pot of water with a towel over your head to clear your sinuses too. I would offer to have my husband do this, but I don't want to poke the bear.

I’ll mix it up later with:

Other remedies I use are:
Lemon and Honey Tea
Sqeeze a lemon and honey to taste in warm water and drink.

If his cold gets bad, and I mean really bad, we will have to resort to drastic measures. Mix equal parts vinegar and honey in a shot glass and shoot it!!!! It is the worst, most disgusting taste, but it works!! I have done this a few times, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


  1. I seriously lol'd at this. I am all to familiar with the man cold.

    1. The struggle is real! Thanx I'm glad you enjoyed my post!

  2. honey and lemon's one we use here too. I'm not a fan of inhalation, but my mum used to swear by it. I'd never persuade my OH to try it though.

    1. I make lemon honey tea for the kids and I. I haven't been able to convince the hubs to take it yet. Baby steps right!

  3. Haha, funny post, and I totally get it. My husband pulled the same thing with asking me to set up the diffuser. The first time I tried it, the smell was just too much for him. Blah! We have been using eucalyptus and lemon for my husband's chronic allergy problems. The lemon smells good and it is good for sinus and allergies I believe.

    1. Most of the time my husband doesn't like when I diffuse, but this time he was feeling crummy enough to be around it.

  4. LOL - confession, I get the "man cold". My hubby completely rolls with it (and even denies he's sick). Me?! I whine and gripe like a big baby.

    Thanks for sharing (and linking up to the last SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  5. I'm so lucky/glad that my husband doesn't get like this when he's sick. But I'm not a sympathetic person, so I'd tell him to man up.

  6. I'm a sucker, and he knows it! I'm doomed.