Headaches Suck! How I treat Headaches With Out Pain Relievers.

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I personally have suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember. I was 19 when I was in a car accident and over the counter pain relievers were no longer enough of a remedy for my chronic headaches. After that car accident, my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to chiropractic care. I was terrified at first. I saw him get adjusted and told him I wanted no part of it. But my headaches only got worse after the accident and when you’re in that much constant pain, you will eventually try new things to find relief.

Even after I decided to try chiropractic care, I was so terrified of the whole experience that I made my husband come with me when I got adjustments to make sure I didn't die. We've all heard the horror stories about chiropractors, but I am a firm believer in them now! In the interest of full discloser, I must admit that I now work with chiropractors so I do have a slightly biased opinion. However, after receiving chiropractic care, the frequency and strength of my headaches has reduced a ton!!!! As of today, if I keep up with maintenance care, I rarely have headaches at all. That being said, I am a working mom and (even though I work for a chiropractor) I am not very good at taking care of myself, so I don't keep up with my care as well as I should. Which is why this post continues!!


I am a massage therapist so it shouldn't surprise you that massage is my next solution! When I have a headache and I am able get in for a massage, 99.9% of the time, my headache is gone before the hour is up. Also, 99.9% my clients have the same result. The exception is when it’s a migraine headache. Migraines are much less predictable and those solutions would be an entirely different post.


So, when I have been terrible at seeing my boss and I can't manage to get in for a massage, I find myself standing over my essential oils wondering what I can put near my nose to make the pounding in my head go away.

Good Essential oils to reach for when treating a headache are:

Roman Chamomile

Mix a blend of oils or a use single scent, whatever works better for you. Then, put a few drops where you can smell it and enjoy the relief.

Daily Stretches

Daily stretching is one of the best ways to prevent a headache from coming in the first place! Keeping your neck limber and releasing tension every day by stretching would definitely help. Buuuuut, I really don't want to be a hypocrite because I don't do it. I end up suffering for my neglect though! If you were my client and you came in with a tension headache complaint, I would show you a few stretches to help with the tension in your neck and shoulders. I will post some of these stretches below. But as a blogger, in the interest of full disclosure, I honestly don't end up doing these stretches until I already have a headache. They do help with relief, but you should do them more often than I do to help prevent headaches before you are in pain.

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