My Favorite Essential Oil Books

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This is a list of books that I own and reference to a lot! If you know of any Essential Oils or Other good books please let me know in the comments! I'm a huge book worm and would love new material! If I find a new book that I love I will add it to the list, so keep checking back!

How To and Saftey

The Art of Aromatherapy - Robert B Tisserand
I love reading this book. It gives a ton of history on each oil. In general, I follow Robert Tisserand closely.

Essential Oils Safety - Robert Tisserand /Rodney Young
This is a text book style of book.

The Aromatherapy Bible - Gill Farrer-Halls
This was the first book I owned on aromatherapy when I was just a new massage therapist. It's great for beginners. It gives good information without getting too overwhelming. My favorite chapters are on aromatherapy and the chakras, and astrology.

The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils - Julia Lawless

I love this book when I'm working with an oil that I'm not super familiar with. It has all the info I need, this book is good for experience oil blenders as well as beginners.


Essential Living  - Andrea Butje
This book is great for beginners that don't already blend there own oils. This was one of my first books that I used.

The Complete Book of Essential & Aromatherapy  - Valerie Ann Worwood
I love this book, when I'm stuck and can't come up with a blend this book has it!!

Massage Books

Accupressure's Potent Points - A Guide to Self - Care for Common Ailments  - Michael Reed Gach 
I use this book a lot in my practice, for issues like headaches, pregnancy, and for any kind of pain. I use a lot of points on myself. It's easier to find a point and hold it then it is to try and self massage. 

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