Oh to My Foam Roller

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It's no secret I love my foam roller. I have touched on it in a previous post DIY Massage! 5 Ways You Can Massage Yourself. that foam rolling is a great way to self-massage. But honestly, it is my favorite form of self-massage. You can get almost a full body massage with it, and do it daily.

As a massage therapist, I have a strong opinion that regular massage is good for your health. It helps reduce stress, muscle injuries, scar tissue, increases flexibility, the list goes on and on. But as a busy mom, it's hard to take time for myself and go get a massage. So I foam roll.

I try to foam roll daily. Being a massage therapist is a pretty physical job. I am reaching with my arms out in front of me all day and that is horrible for my posture. So coming home after a long day and laying on the roller opening up my chest and shoulders feels amazing. I also get frequent headaches from holding my tension in my neck and shoulders. So massaging that out on the foam roller when needed has reduced my headaches.

There are several types of foam rollers, there are long, skinny, short, fat. All have different ways to use and different purposes, you could even do workouts with them.

I use one like this

The inner and outer pieces separate, so I can customize my roll. The inner roller is a little more spongy while the outer roll is firmer with little massagers to help get in deeper.

There are also longer ones too.

Same concept just longer.  This roller would be more comfortable for laying on and opening up your chest and shoulders or if you are not vertically challenged like me.

There are also these kinds

They tend to be a little bit more spongy so it's a softer roll. I'm a deep tissue kind of girl so I like the ones with the massagers better.

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