5 Disneyland Tips Nobody is Talking About

Now, this isn't your normal post you'll see about going to Disneyland. I'm not going to tell you how you're going to save money by staying on property, or to bring snacks, or to get a fast pass. No, I'm talking about sheer survival!!!! This post is about how to survive your trip without coming home with a disease or killing your spouse because you planned this great fun filled trip and he is whining worse than the kids!!!

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Tip #1
This is #1 for a good reason. As we speak my daughter is sitting next to me with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, Yay!!! 2 days after we flew home the sore throat and fever struck. So whatever it is you do to ward off colds and sickness during the height of flu season, DO IT. We were careful at Disneyland but I wish I would have given them the extra Vitamins I normally do during flu season. My go-to is Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Probiotics. I alternate days with these. I honestly would hand sanitize after every ride. If your not a germaphobe I would turn into a germaphobe during your trip. Trust me it will pay off!!!!

Tip #2
Footwear. I don't mean wear comfortable shoes, I mean bring an extra pair or a pair of flip-flops. The problem is the water rides. No matter how comfortable your shoes are, when your feet get wet, you are going to get blisters. So we brought flip flops. Stored them in our backpack, then wore them during water rides then put our regular shoes back on. I actually wore my flip flops the last 2 days in the park and my feet did better then with my walking shoes. 

Tip #3
Chafing. It's a big problem. Wear shorts that are longer. Have your hubs get some tight bicycle shorts or really tight boxer briefs. Maybe bring a extra pair of close and store them in a locker for after the water rides. I have to say we lost the battle of chafing at Disneyland. Out of everything, what brought us home earlier then we wanted was chafing. 

Tip #4
Buy your children Disneyland gift cards before you go. I bought each child $75 Disney gift cards. What this does is manages the spending, lets each kids have purchasing power, also saves some whining, tantrums, and arguing. They both got the same amount of money to choose what they wanted and when it was gone its gone. 

Tip #5
Plan rest days! No seriously plan rest days. You will need them. In our trip I had only one rest day planned. I wish that I had planned more, and here is why....The night of our first day in the park my daughter got puky sick. Our rest day wasn't planned until
4 days later. So we shifted some things, but it also made no more room for error on the rest of the days. I think we would have had a more enjoyable time and maybe wouldn't be so burnt out coming home if I had planned at least 2 more rest days. 

I hope this helps on your next trip. If you have any Disneyland tips nobody talks about please leave a comment. I would love to hear them.

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