Adventures of a Soccer Mom: 5 Tips on Keeping the House Clean During Soccer Season

We are signing up for a new adventure of premier soccer league. Premier soccer league I'm told is almost all year round but we get a little break in winter. Before I start let me give you a little back round so you see why this may be a problem in our household.

My husband travels a lot for work, so he is unreliable for help. I also work long hours 3 days a week. On days that I work and have a sports activity, I do not see my house until after 8pm that day. Yes keeping my house in order is a big struggle. The other 2 days a week that I don't work I volunteer at my children's school and PTA duties. I know, I know, I have the big problem with not saying no and I do this to myself.

Because I am super busy with children's activities my life is very hectic. I found myself overwhelmed and the house cleaning responsibilities not getting done. Since my son started playing soccer when he was 3, over the years I developed a soccer time house cleaning style.

1) Roomba!

I love, love, love my Roomba. I have 2 dogs and poop smearing has never been a problem. I kennel my dogs while it runs or have it run while I'm home. Problem solved.

2) On days with no sports, I do dishes and laundry.

That's it. If I get those 2 chores I'm a happy girl. I know some of my friends are the kind that has to have a clean sink every night. You, my friend, are my hero! you are an amazing person to me. I am not that person. I get home after 8pm get the kids ready for bed while trying to eat dinner then try to be in bed myself by 9. Dishes are not on my radar.

3) Set a Goal or Time Frame Weekly

Every week usually on Fridays, I know I have a wildlife, I set aside 3 hours to clean the house. That's it, I get done what I can then after that I stop. If I don't set parameters for myself I obsessed get overwhelmed and get nothing done then.

4) Don't Worry About It!

Sometimes there are weeks where I get NOTHING DONE. There is an activity every stinking night, and there is no time. I am not the kind of girl that will stay up all night to get these things done. If I have a spare moment I will do what I can, but if not, I don't! Dishes will be in the sink tomorrow. They are not going anywhere. I will get them done when you have company coming over and you flash clean like an hour before they get there. I cant be the only person who does that.

5) Recruit help!!

Get help from kids, husband, grandparents maid service. Yesterday I asked my dad to load the dishwasher because I didn't have time. I'm also paying my neighbor kid to mow my lawn each week. He's saving for a car, I tell myself I'm doing a good deed so I do not get down on myself for poor time management. Select, Club Premier soccer or sport is a whole new beast, its a lot of time commitment. So do what you can and don't get down on yourself on what is not getting done.

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