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At My Essential Ventures, I talk about everything. There is no real niche per say, I have a few passions I do love to talk about like Essential Oils, Massage Therapy, and family. So for this blog no subject if off the table.

A couple of my Favorite post

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A little bit about me, a mom of 2 little monsters 8-year-old, and 6 years old, 2 Chihuahua mixes. My husband, I swear sometimes is the most immature person alive, that is what balances us out. I'm all business and he's all play! My husband and I live for our kids! I know that some psychologists say that "that's wrong and we are screwing our kids up." But to be honest, the psychologist are not the ones who are going to pay for a nursing home and I want to be in a good one. You know, the kind with a Wii and a garden club. My husband and I have been together since my senior year in high school, we had 8 years together before we had kids. We kind of need a break from just us.

We live in the greater Seattle area, and yes it rains A Lot. I'm a bookworm, I love the rain. It gives me the best excuse not to go out and be social. I love reading fiction, more specific if science, paranormal, or magical I'm in. I love books that can take me out of this world. A good book paired with good wine and there is no reason to leave the house.

Although my kids are not bookworms, they take after my husband and are social butterflies!! Between Soccer, Taekwondo, Dance, PTA activities, and all the other stuff you do with kids, they have this introvert learning how to be an extrovert.
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